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Educator Reviews - Megan Baker: Why I use Southwestern Advantage books in my classroom
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2015 Southwestern Advantage Customers:
Independence Day
July part 1
July part 2
July part 3
July part 4

2014 Southwestern Advantage Customers:
June 1–15
June 16–30
July 1–15
Aug 1–15
Aug 16–30

2013 Southwestern Advantage Customer Reviews:
July (cont.)

2012 Southwestern Advantage Customer Reviews:
Fall 2012
Misc 2012

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Video: Customers Share Their Advantage, pt. 1

Video: Customers Share Their Advantage, pt. 2
Video: Customers Share Their Advantage, pt. 3
Video: Customer / 
Minister Chanel Balque shares her Advantage

Looking for reviews on the Southwestern Advantage Sales & Leadership Program instead? Great! We have hundreds of stories to share – each written by students, parents, and alumni of the program. 

Refuse To Be Average
Who's knocking on my door?
Why do you sell door-to-door?
Scammers vs Professionals: How to Know The Difference
How The Southwestern Advantage Learning System Helps Families

Kate's Kitchen featured on News 2
The Danger in Bulldoze-Parenting - a Teacher's Perspective
It Never Hurts To Ask
The Difference a Schedule Makes
Understanding The Common Core State Standards
5 Ways To Safeguard Your Child From Predators
Avoiding Emotional Black Holes
Useful And Useless Thoughts
Love Languages
How To Get Unstuck
Teach People How To Treat You
How do you become a more interesting person?
The Black Door
Pushy Sales vs Conviction In Education
Jay Kiew, DTM
Always Talk To Strangers
When Life Hands You Lemons (or a pink slip)
Trust Willingly
Don't Spend Time With Negative People
Sow a Habit, Reap a Character
Action Cures Fear
Don't Be a Should-head
Be Curious
Who Cares What Other People Think About You
Give a Little Extra
Be You
Don't Play The Blame Game
In Everything Give Thanks
We Are Not Our Mistakes
Money Smarts: Budgeting
You Are Nothing But Your Fruit
"There Are Two Types of People In This World..."
You Can Be Extraordinary at Anything
Find a Mentor
Embrace The Challenge
Emulate, Not Replicate
What You Are Someday Going To Be, You Are Now Becoming
There Is Good In Every Situation
Finish What You Start
Get Out of The Rut

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Educator Reviews - Thaddeus Wert, M.Ed., Vanderbilt University