Tuesday, May 21, 2013

There Is Good In Every Situation

What value have you been placing on negative thoughts? What great thing has ever been accomplished by someone who believed it couldn't be done? How much mental energy do you waste on anger, resentment, or envy? What value will these thoughts ever add to your own life or the life of another? 

We are creatures of emotion. Learning to control our emotions is a life-long practice. Negative thoughts will always come to mind. When we choose to allow those negative thoughts to remain in our minds, and to influence our words and actions, we selfishly turn our focus toward ourselves instead of toward the betterment of others. 
What is gained by letting someone or something get you down? Is the satisfaction of harboring dark emotions worth the happiness and meaning that it robs from your life? 
We cannot control what life brings our way, but we can control how we respond. We can always control our actions and attitude. Negatives will always be easy to find, but doing so will accomplish nothing. There is good in every situation. Many times it takes looking hard in order to find it, but it can always be found. 
When we give up our negativity and our desire to control more than our own attitudes and actions, we will find fulfillment and meaning. We will become acquainted once again with our better selves.

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