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In Everything Give Thanks

“ How happy a person is depends upon the depth of his gratitude .”                                                                           –John Miller   I tried as a young father to inculcate an attitude of gratitude in my children when they were young. I tucked them in at night, said a prayer with them, and then I’d ask, “What are you thankful for today?” I wanted them to appreciate who and what they had. The first sign of maturity in a young person is gratitude.    Now all of us know people who are thankful—they are appreciated and heartening to be around. Conversely, we can all think of a few self-centered, ungrateful people, who we, not surprisingly, tend to avoid.   Dan Sullivan , founder of  The Strategic Coach , says: “We can achieve endless progress and success in our lives as long as we are increasingly grateful each step along the way. Lack of gratitude is one of the biggest obstacles to personal progress.”   In his pamphlet,  “The Gratitude Principle”, Sulliv

Educator Reviews - Keil Hileman, Kansas Teacher of The Year

Keil Hileman - Kansas Teacher of the Year " I love the setup and easy access for data. The pages look great. I believe you have achieved your goal of creating pages that are open and visually appealing, while making sure students get what they need to review for tests and/or what they’re likely to need as they attempt to do their homework. I compared the topics and chapters to our U.S. history book, and they matched up very well. The tables, charts, and 'Did You Know' sections will help students very much. Time lines are great—useful and easy to read. Spotlights are nice and useful. Clear bold headings help with keeping interest and readability. 'Now You Know' sections are a great way to sum up! I love the maps with clear headings, descriptions, and explanations. FYI sections are helpful. I love the mix of color, black and white, and color cartoons. Most texts only have paintings and black-and-white photos. Whoev

Educator Reviews - Benita Bruster, Ph.D

Benita Bruster, Ph.D. "Southwestern Advantage has hit an absolute “home run” with the new Social Studies and Language book. This resource guide contains critical elements to build student success in Social Studies and Language Arts. The publisher provided a comprehensive package to prepare students for achieving their educational goals; the book, the on-line Web-based support , and the software are all inclusive elements included with this text. One of the most impressive parts of this book is the organization. Students need to be able to find information easily and quickly; this book is easy to use with multiple ways to access information. The color coding on the edges of each page will guide students to the areas needed without flipping page by page. Simply turn to the color-coded section and the information you are seeking will be there. The index is also extensive and well organized. The index topics are in bold print with color in the center to facilitate searching