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Southwestern Advantage Customer Reviews - Fall 2012


We Are Not Our Mistakes

We all make mistakes. It is an unfortunate aspect of human nature that we are neither omniscient, to make only the correct decision in every situation, nor omnipotent, to make everything occur as it should be. The reality is that we often make the wrong decision, or we make the right decision, but with poor execution. The common result is that things don’t turn out how we want them to. We may end up frustrated or embarrassed, and oftentimes the pain of making a mistake can be big enough to prevent us from trying again. The worst lie we can tell ourselves is that we are our mistakes . And from time to time, we are all guilty of doing this. We all have a tendency to believe that if we were a better person, a smarter person, a more attractive person, a braver person, a (insert your comparative adjective of choice) person, we would not have made that mistake. And maybe that’s true. Maybe a smarter person would have known to act differently. Unfortunately, when we fail to

Educator Reviews - Edna Rogers, National Teachers Hall of Fame Member

Edna Rogers - National Teachers Hall of Fame National Teachers Hall of Fame member Edna Rogers comments on the Southwestern Advantage learning system Overall rate: Superior Strongest area: The material leads to high-level thinking, gives opportunities for problem solving, gets the student thinking beyond the classroom. Favorite section:  'The Author.' It is very informative, challenges the student to reach for an  understanding of what, why, where, and who writes books, poem, articles, and so on. Most informative section:  'The Audience.' Often, students are not taught these critical skills  until college level. To read the points for being an audience is very good for the student to  think about before being required to write a paper or essay. Most inspiring section:  'Reader’s Response.' The statement “ the same text can mean different  things to different readers ” is a statement that I wish had been told to me at an early age.  It wou