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Southwestern Advantage Customer Reviews - July 2012

Student Rep Rebecca from Kentucky Southwestern Advantage customers are some of the most excited families you'll ever meet when it comes to education. Here are few more recent reviews  about the Southwestern Advantage Learning System, and our reps, that you have sent to us. As always, thank you for being parents and community members who are making a difference through the power of education.  via general contact email via general contact email via survey In response to our ' Share The Advantage ' donation program; enabled by our customers and student reps Facebook message to Travis Lopes - Southwestern Advantage representative  via contact email Tell us your story: Email: Read August 2012 reviews here Read September 2012 reviews her

Pushy Sales vs Conviction in Education

One thing Southwestern Advantage has learned in our 157 years, and something we teach our student reps , is that no one likes a pushy salesperson . Sales aside, a great way to turn people off in any situation is to make them feel pressured into your own personal agenda instead of focusing on their wants, needs, or feelings.  That being the case, saying  No to purchasing our products is perfectly fine. They're not affiliated with your local school -- they're purely supplemental -- they're not a fit for everyone. In fact, good luck finding a single company that makes a product that's a fit for everyone.  Are we convicted in our products?  Absolutely .  Can a family move closer towards their educational goals by using our products?  We believe so . Do we encourage our student reps to be pleasantly persistent when approaching families and asking to speak with them about education?  Definitely . Education is life-changing . It should take priority over the