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Article seen in Bloomberg, Businessweek, Fortune, and  Money Since 1868, extraordinary college students from around the world have developed people skills, come to understand their strengths and weaknesses, experienced what it means to work without guarantees, and become employable – forever. Many college students look for standard summer jobs and internships to put on their resumes or make a little spending money. But that’s not what they’ll find at Southwestern Advantage®. “We’re looking for young people from all majors who have incredibly high goals. We then give them a track to run on, which—if they apply themselves—will develop in them the skills and character needed to achieve those goals. We give them the opportunity to succeed, usually by first falling at on their faces repeatedly,” says President Dan Moore, who joined Southwestern Advantage as a Harvard freshman in 1974 and has never worked anywhere else. “It’s more than a j-o-b. It’s a y-o-b: Your Own Business