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Find a Mentor

what’s the best way to get better at ping-pong? hitting against a wall won’t do much. playing with your 4 year old nephew will entertain him for sure, but won’t do much for your game. the only way to get better at the sport is to play someone that’s better than you are. period. and so it is with life. if we would like to improve ourselves in a particular area, we’ve got to find people who have mastered whatever it is that we are looking to be better at! ask them questions, observe their behaviors, analyze their attitudes, values, and habits . how do  they  prioritize? how do they communicate? how to they carry themselves? having a mentor – whether an official mentorship, or a more casual one – is remarkably beneficial. not only can we learn from them and the things they have accomplished, but mentors are great to bounce ideas off of (no pun intended). they help us decide where to focus our energy, and they help to keep us motivated and focusing on our goals

Share The Advantage: Family Learning & Resource Center

We believe in service and giving back. Our 'Share The Advantage' program visited Franklin Heights Family Learning & Resrouce Center in Murfreesboro, TN - an organization that helps fill the additional educational and miscellaneous needs of young people. Nashville-area student dealers and Lexi of  spent the afternoon teaching the children and supervisors how to use Southwestern's donated books and subscription websites. We are proud to have the Family Learning & Rescource Center as a partner in our program! Learn more by visiting . Photos from the event can be seen here .

You Can Be Extraordinary at Anything

it’s a bummer to see people who believe that their lives, or their jobs, are not exceptional enough to be impactful; that they’re not BIG enough to make a difference.  FISH!  is a story of the philosophy of real-life fishmongers in seattle’s pike place fish market. it’s a touching tale about personal choice, energy, service, and culture; and our ability to make an impact. the beauty of its story, really, is that you can be extraordinary – at ANYTHING . you don’t have to be president or prime minister, or rich or famous to make a positive difference in the world. you can be the BEST garage attendant in town. the BEST therapist. the BEST sister-in-law. the BEST broker, or salesman, or cube-mate, or customer, or teacher, or garbage man, or HR specialist, or nurse, or movie-ticket collector!  whatever it is you spend your time on (regardless of whether or not you get paid for it), you touch people daily.  you may not touch millions of people at one time, but your everyday actions an