Frequently Asked Questions from Southwestern Advantage customers

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How do I contact Southwestern Advantage?
Customers: If you have a question about your products, please call our Customer Care Center at 1-888-551-5901 from 8a-5p (cst) Mon-Fri or email customercare@southwesternadvantage.com.
College Students: If you are wanting to learn more about being a student rep with the Southwestern Advantage Sales and Leadership Program, visit southwesternadvantage.com, and read what current student reps have to say at SouthwesternAdvantageReviews.com.
Media/Press: Please contact Communications Director Trey Campbell at 888-602-7867.

What is the purpose of the Southwestern Advantage Learning System?
Our learning system is an integrated suite of print, software, and online resources designed to develop both academic skills and success principles in students from pre-K through college prep. Elements of our learning system are tailored by our student reps during presentation and delivery to further the educational goals of the families who purchase. Read our blog post for a full explanation of why families use our learning system.

How much do your products cost?
Our prices are available by calling us directly. The reason for this is that prices may slightly vary depending on the location and cost-of-living/business expenses incurred by a student rep as they run their own independent business. Southwestern Advantage supplies the products to reps at a wholesale rate, and they sell it at suggested retail prices. These prices also vary base on what line of products are purchased, the packages selected, and shipping/taxes. For example, products purchased in Nashville near the warehouse may be priced differently than products purchased in Alaska or Canada. If you have a question about pricing, you're welcome to call our Customer Contact Center.

Is the person at my door really contracted to sell your products?
Student reps in our program are provided with a double-sided ID badge and lanyard which includes Southwestern Advantage company contact information. They also carry a book bag sample case with the Southwestern Advantage logo which contains Southwestern Advantage sample products and company branded business supplies. You may also input the first or last name of the person and/or their company account number on our website by clicking here

How long do I have to cancel an order?
Federal Trade Commission guidelines provide U.S. customers with a 3 business day cancellation window from the date of the sale to cancel an order (10 days for Canadian customers). Please keep your receipt, as it helps us refund your deposit much, much easier.

Why can I not purchase the products online?
This is the subject of another blog post - click here for our explanation.

Why is my check made out to the student rep and not Southwestern Advantage?
Since student reps are running their own independent business, they purchase products at wholesale from Southwestern Advantage and sell them at suggested retail to consumers. This is how all legitimate direct selling companies operate. 

As an example, if you purchase an appliance at a store, the check would be made out to the retail store selling the appliance and not the manufacturer. 

A student visited me who was from another country. Is this normal?
Yes. Many international students participate in this program. Just like American students, they are trained up-front on what the expectations of the program are before coming to the US. They attend an initial information session (conducted in English), usually on their campus, followed by multiple follow-up interviews. They make clear the expectations they have of Southwestern Advantage and what the company, in turn, can expect from them. Whenever possible, the parents are also met with personally, and a parents seminar is held in the late spring to fully educate them on the program as well. Every step of the way, the students are told this program is not a fit for everyone and what they should expect in order to be prepared mentally, physically and emotionally for this line of work.

How do I know I will receive my order?
Southwestern Advantage guarantees delivery of all orders. The student rep has contracted with Southwestern Advantage to deliver all products. If a rep is physically unable to make a delivery, our Customer Care Center will ship the product directly to you.

What if I move between the time of my order and when my products are delivered?
Contact our Customer Care Center and they will provide the rep with your new address or ship the product to your new address if distance becomes a factor in personal delivery. 

Why are the products sometimes delivered near the end of summer?
Unlike some programs, Southwestern Advantage does not require student reps to purchase products up-front in order to participate. Instead, customer orders and deposits are taken over the course of the summer. These orders and deposits are sent to Southwestern Advantage to cover the wholesale product cost. Orders are then shipped in bulk to the student rep, and then personally delivered as the fall semester begins. Most individual orders can be shipped directly to customers in lieu of a personal delivery.

Is there any affiliation between my local school system and Southwestern Advantage, the student rep, or the products?
None. The student represents our company products, which are supplemental educational resources meant for use outside of the classroom. Neither they, nor our products, are affiliated with your local school system. Given the opportunity by the homeowner, student reps are to inform each family of this up-front. This disclaimer is also clearly stated on their business cards, marketing materials, and receipts left with customers. Each rep carries a company-branded book bag, dual-sided ID badge with our company name, contact information, student ID number, and company-branded business supplies and sample products. 
While becoming a part of your community, you can expect our student reps to be knowledgable on your local educational systems, both public and private. Understanding the local school systems is a practice that allows students to better serve the educational wants, needs, and goals of the families they visit. 

Are the products sold in Canada in Canadian dollars or US dollars; and how will this affect a credit/debit transaction?
All products sold in Canada are in Canadian dollars. Credit card companies convert payments into US dollars because Southwestern Advantage is a US-based company. The amount appearing on a statement is converted back into Canadian. Small discrepancies are typically due to changing conversion rates.  

What was that $19.95 charge about?
The online component of the Southwestern Advantage Learning System is a web-subscription comprised of 6 educational websites and apps. Many purchases include this web component, and if so, should be clearly shown on your receipt and explained by your student rep. Charges for the online subscription begin only when a customer creates their online account, agrees to the terms of service, enters their billing information, and clicks through the email verification.

What is it like to sell Southwestern Advantage products?
Visit SouthwesternAdvantageReviews.com to read hundreds of stories from current and former students about their experience working in the Southwestern Advantage Sales & Leadership Program.

What is 'Share The Advantage' and how did I just help?
'Share The Advantage' is an outreach program made possible by Southwestern Advantage student reps and their customers. For every online membership that a customer purchases, product donations are given to organizations that help serve the needs of children. As customers, you make this possible. On behalf of our company and the organizations we've visited, THANK YOU!   
Click to learn more about our 'Share The Advantage' donation program.

Have a question that isn't listed?
Call us at 888-602-7867 or email us by clicking here.

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