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Southwestern Advantage and COVID-19

Information below is also published at Regarding COVID-19, Southwestern Advantage has taken extra steps to protect the safety and well-being of our staff, sales leaders, college and university students who sell Southwestern Global Academy and the families they serve. Every business in the country is affected in some way, and we are no different. We have been following CDC, Federal, and local government guidelines to protect those with connections or business interests of any and all types. This is our top priority. Despite all the nation (and world) has been through for the last several months, we’ve always believed there is an important line between thoughtful, constructive actions and fear-based paralysis. We have moved from Phase 1 of our summer sales and leadership program – done virtually using Zoom – to Phase 2 in which students have resumed serving families by going door-to-door in counties, cities, and municipalities that have re-opened for r