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Why do you sell door-to-door?

One of the most common questions we are frequently asked is...  "Why do you sell door-to-door??" What is this – the 1950s? Ever heard of e-commerce? Fair questions. The answers are pretty simple though and will likely make sense to you. It starts with our Sales and Leadership Program for college & university students – a program where students are able to gain valuable and transferrable skills by building their own local small business. Students work heavily through networking, referrals, and recommendations – and yes – even door-to-door cold calling! Why though? The human part Have you noticed that our culture spends more and more time staring at screens, but less and less time empathizing with the people around us? Communication skills, relationships, and healthy mental and emotional development do not grow by staring at a screen. They do by interacting with people face-to-face. The college student at your door knows they are part of a society

Southwestern Advantage Customer Reviews

Company Rep Julie from Michigan We love hearing reviews from our customers!  If you're enjoying the Southwestern Advantage books, software, or online resources that you purchased from one of our student reps , we would love to hear your reviews about it. If you just simply had a pleasant experience with a student rep, we love hearing about that too. Here are some recent reviews from a few happy folks. via company contact email via read blog shown above: Tell us your story: Read older reviews here And  here And  here

Who's knocking on my door?

If you've been visited by a smiling college-aged door-to-door salesperson with some books , there's a good chance it was one of the collegiate salespeople with our company,  Southwestern Advantage   (est. 1855) . We're always making efforts to listen to the voices of families whom our student salespeople visit so we may always be striving to serve communities more effectively.  So why did they come to my house?  To explain why you were visited, the student rep who stopped by your home is running their own business out-of-state (or country) this summer meeting with every family, if possible, in your community selling Southwestern Advantage apps/sites/books -- educational products designed to fit the goals of families from reading basics up to college prep. The products are found helpful by about 150,000 customers each summer, however, many choose instead to pass. Regardless of a sale or a No Thanks, the student rep is making efforts to visit every singl