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Southwestern Advantage Student Reps Review Their Internship Experience

With a variety of experience stories floating around online, here are some helpful messages from students who did two crucial, yet simple and controllable things in the Southwestern Advantage program: they completed the full selling season, and they applied their training. Learn more about Southwestern Advantage:

Southwestern Advantage: America's Oldest Direct Selling Company

Is Southwestern Advantage a pyramid scheme? Is Southwestern Advantage an MLM? Many people mistakenly assume that direct selling is the same thing as multi-level marketing (MLM). Even worse – some confuse direct selling with illegal pyramid schemes. The fact is, they're extraordinarily different. Pyramid schemes are extremely rare, as they are quickly dismantled by law enforcement. In the past, pyramid schemes have tried masquerading as MLM or direct sales, which has caused confusion with many people. There are clear differences that we felt are important to share, because the spreading of misinformation helps no one.  Southwestern Advantage is the oldest direct selling company in America.  The focus of participants is on selling educational products directly to consumers without the expense of traditional advertising or a retail storefront.  There are no recruiting requirements or start-up purchases. The profit participants make is the difference between wholesale and retail –