Share The Advantage: Leona Vicario

We believe in the power of serving others.

Each summer, Southwestern Advantage Reps can opt-in to participate in Service Week. The amount they choose to donate from their personal profits goes toward the service project held on their incentive trip. In 2019, over $26,000 was donated to help the Mayan village of Leona Vicario, Mexico.
For a long-term impact, a wing was added to the town library specific to children and special-needs children. On the two days Southwestern Advantage Reps went to the village, over 30 mini-service projects took place. Homes received new roofs, dirt floors were replaced with concrete floors, food, diapers and medicine were delivered to those in need, plumbing was installed in homes without, and two churches received supplies for local aid.
Reps also spent time getting to know local families, library staff, and the school children who benefited from their assistance. The Mayor, City Delegate, and townspeople said, “Southwestern Advantage is now a part of our life and town. You are now all citizens of Leona Vicario. Our home is your home!”

Special thanks to:
City Delegate Chano de Leona
Projects Coordinator Nayeli Fregoso Martinez


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