Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Embrace The Challenge

value (val-yoo)
1. a fair or proper equivalent in money, commodities, etc, for something sold or exchanged, for a fair price in return
2. worth, or degree of worth
3. that which is desirable or worthy of esteem for its own sake; thing or quality having intrinsic worth

value, by definition, requires sacrifice. you give me money. i give you milk. you wouldn’t buy the milk if you didn’t think you would derive at least the same value in drinking the milk that you are paying me for it.
and so it is with our work. and our lives, for that matter. the things worth having (or achieving) are not the easy things to achieve. that’s why they’re worth achieving in the first place. they must be sought after. they must be earned. you’ve got to be willing to give something of yourself in order to get them. life doesn’t go around just giving away success to people who are not working for it. you’ve got to shell out whatever it is that you consider to be of equal exchange for that success.
you are certain that your end result is going to be SO good – you’re willing to jump 10-foot hurdles and face down giants to get there. and why wouldn’t you? half the fun and all of the growth is found in facing the challenge!
so whether you’re working toward that mba, or building a collection of self-made jewelry, or seeking that promotion, or building a business, or a team, or a relationship … sure, you will endure hardships and obstacles, but you will feel much more fulfilled once you get there because of those very hardships you braved along the way. try not to feel resentful that it’s taking lots and lots of hard work. but rather, feel excited that you’re working toward something so great, that it’s worth shoveling through lots and lots of…. you know what.

so, ask yourself  what's it worth to you?

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