Thursday, September 27, 2012

Be You

sometimes it seems as if people spend years of their life shying away from the things they are most passionate about, their likes, their tendencies, quirks, styles, habits, hobbies, or loves and desires that are within them. they muffle these things down and it ends up stifling their progress; all because of a fear of failure, rejection, judgment, or disdain. it's so much easier to put our true passions on 'mute' because it's easier to stay on the safe side, more commonly traveled.

i did this for quite some time. i think we all do it at some point, for some length, and usually for some irrational reasons. but, it's important to understand that we were each put on this planet to embrace our quirky, sophisticated, daring, goofy, edgy, unique, passionate, shy, lovable human selves. 

don't ever take that appreciation away from yourself. notice it. embrace it. celebrate it. bask in it. learn it. and most importantly -- love it. your light is in there -- you can't truly live your life while being afraid to ignite your own flame. 

like american novelist edith wharton said, “there are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” 

if you're spreading light either way, i'd encourage you to be that wonderfully unique candle giving off a pure light of your own instead of attempting to be an identical reflection of another. it's way more fun than trying to be somebody else.

Lexi from