Thursday, August 23, 2012

When Life Hands You Lemons (or a pink slip)

i recently caught a peek into a documentary [] made about people who lost their jobs in the heat of the recession, and what they did with themselves afterwards.
one woman becomes a yoga teacher. one man embraces his art full time. one man spends more time with his children. one man becomes a woman (to each his/her own)...
while it seems to be a movie about curiosity, courage, and creativity, these people received news which, by most people’s standards, completely rocked their worlds for the worst. the pink slip: it’s no walk in the park; i’ve been there.
but what if… getting laid off isn’t actually as horrible as it sounds? what if getting fired is the best thing that’s ever happened to someone? you’d likely never would leave your job by your own free will, though you may have day-dreamed about it. but when you have no choice and are escorted to the parking lot by the burly guy that loads the water jugs, you have no choice but to make a move. the ball forced its way into your court, and you’ve gotta find a way to keep it rolling.
and then -- it’s a matter of perspective.
when things happen to us that seem tragic or unfortunate; they are not always so. perhaps, in the long haul, they are just the opposite. not everything will feel or seem so at the time. but if we have the patience to see it through, it will get better. the journey may be rocky, but almost always, things end up in a place that’s better than where we started.
… so go make that lemonade. the juice is worth the squeeze.

Lexi from