Monday, August 20, 2012


football. i’ll be honest, i know nothing about the sport. don’t get me wrong, i do love watching football: going to games, tailgating, high-fiving burnt orange-wearing fans. but i’m no expert on the rules, players names, penalties, etc.
what i do know, however, is that the character commonly called the ‘defensive lineman’ will do everything short of busting out a semi-automatic shotgun to protect the guy on his team who possesses the ball.
how many people in your life would throw their bodyweight against a 250 pound piece of angry sweaty flesh to protect you? loyalty is an extremely commendable – and fairly rare  attribute.
i believe it’s an issue of devotion. dedication. sacrifice. knowing that you care so much, so deeply, about someone or something that you would risk your own life to save or protect it.
the friend that comes to pick you up from the airport right in the middle of the final episode of gossip girl. the co-worker who calls out the quality work you put into a project in front of your boss, even though it would have been so easy for her to neglect to mention your involvement. the men and women in uniform who valiantly give their lives for our country. the relative who defends your new ukulele-playing hobby at the family reunion. the person who holds your hand at your grandmother’s funeral. these acts of allegiance are not always earth-shatteringly valiant… just sincere, with your best interest in mind.
it feels really good to have people in your life that would throw themselves against a front lineman for you. and it feels even better to be the one that would do so for someone else.

Lexi from