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At Southwestern Advantage, we believe in giving back.  

‎'Share The Advantage' is an outreach program made possible by Southwestern Advantage student reps and their customers. For every online membership that a customer purchases, product donations are given to organizations that help serve the needs of children. As customers, you make this possible. On behalf of our company and the organizations we've served, THANK YOU! 

Share The Advantage: Program Explanation 
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Share The Advantage: Community Servants - Smyrna, TN 
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Share The Advantage: CORE Education & City of Refuge - Atlanta, GA 
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Share The Advantage: Youth Life Learning Centers - Nashville, TN
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Share The Advantage: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (2011)
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Share The Advantage: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (pt 1) - Zacatal City Park, Casa Hogar Orphanage, and Cadi Vista Hermosa Daycare
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Share The Advantage: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (pt 2) - Zacatal City Park, Casa Hogar Orphanage, and Cadi Vista Hermosa Daycare
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Share The Advantage: Playa del Carmen, Mexico - Jardin de Ninos de Pedegral Daycare
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Share The Advantage: Cancun, Mexico - Mundo Infantil Daycare and the APAFHDEM Organization
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Share The Advantage: Family Learning & Resource Center - Murfreesboro, TN
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Share The Advantage: Columbia, MO - by student rep Daniel Burke-Aguero (Mizzou)
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Share The Advantage: New Hope Academy - Franklin, TN 
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Share The Advantage: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (2013) 
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Share The Advantage: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (2014) 
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Share The Advantage: Cancun, Mexico (2015) 
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Share The Advantage: Friusa, Dominican Republic (2016) 

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At Southwestern Advantage, we believe...

Attitude is everything

It's what gets you up in the morning a half-hour before your competition so you can come out ahead. It's what pushes you through tough times when life is caving in all around you. And it's what helps you show compassion to those who need it - even when you've got your own stresses. Attitude is everything. Of this, we have no doubts.

Control the controllables
...and let go of the rest. It's one of the first things we teach students who participate in our sales & leadership program. Why? Because too many people go through life trying to control what is out of their grasp - namely, other people. You can't control whether or not someone will like you, or if they'll want what you're selling. You can't control the past, the weather, or what year it is. All you can control is how you react to what life brings your way. So we say let go of life, and improve what you can. Everything else will fall into place.

Everything is earned
This is another lesson we teach students in our program right off the bat. No one owes you anything. No one is going to hand you success. You have to earn it. You have to work for it. You have to choose the right attitude. You need the right work ethic. And you need the right ideas. 
But when you combine the right work ethic with the right attitude and ideas, nothing is out of your reach. When you realize that your success rests on your own shoulders, and embrace this fact, you'll become an unstoppable force in nature.

Do the right thing
Few things in life are more valuable than a good night's sleep. And one of the easiest ways to sleep well at night is to always do the right thing. We teach this to all the students who pass through our program, and it really sinks in. 
You don't have to cut corners, lie, or cheat to succeed. You can be honest, loving, and caring in all that you do and still come out on top. You can be true to yourself and your values and still make it in this world. You'll see this firsthand in the students participating in our program.

Giving is getting
On the surface, when you "give" someone a great product, you "get" income in return. But it goes even deeper than that. When you see how that product has helped that person's life, you receive something much more profound. You receive growth and transformation. Love and warmth. So yes, when you "give" you "get" material gains, but you'll also receive the finer things in life that money will never be able to buy.

The future matters
All of our programs and products have an underlying theme to them: The future. Our books, software, and websites prepare kids for their higher education, so they can have a brighter future. Our sales & leadership program helps college students gain the skills and character they need to really make the most of their lives after college. 
It's important to live in this moment; to be spontaneous and adventurous here and now. But the future matters, too. It's the things you do today that will determine who you are and how you will live tomorrow. 


Other Principles We Believe:

Always Talk To Strangers

When Life Hands You Lemons (or a pink slip)
Trust Willingly
Don't Spend Time With Negative People
Sow a Habit, Reap a Character
Action Cures Fear
Don't Be a Should-head
Be Curious
Who Cares What Other People Think About You
Give a Little Extra
Be You
Don't Play The Blame Game
In Everything Give Thanks
We Are Not Our Mistakes
Money Smarts: Budgeting
You Are Nothing But Your Fruit
"There Are Two Types of People In This World..."
You Can Be Extraordinary at Anything
Find a Mentor
Embrace The Challenge
Emulate, Not Replicate
What You Are Someday Going To Be, You Are Now Becoming
There Is Good In Every Situation
Finish What You Start
Get Out of The Rut

more to come...

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