Friday, March 1, 2019

Southwestern Advantage: America's Oldest Direct Selling Company

FAQ: How do you classify Southwestern Advantage?
Southwestern Advantage is the oldest direct selling company in America. We're incredibly proud of our program's history, but we're even more proud to be associated with the young people who have the character it takes to participate. Misinformation is often shared online and in conversation. Here is an answer to a frequently asked question about our program along with cited, credible sources.

Many people mistakenly assume that direct selling is synonymous with multi-level marketing (MLM), or even worse – they confuse it with illegal pyramid schemes. The fact is, they're extraordinarily different. Pyramid schemes have tried masquerading as MLM or direct sales, which has caused confusion with many people. There are clear differences that we felt are important to share, because the spreading of misinformation helps no one.

Southwestern Advantage has testified in support of bills that fight against pyramid schemes. We will continue our efforts to educate consumers, and we stand with other member companies of the DSA who uphold their Code of Ethics.

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